Read This to Know If You Can Get Benefit from CBD Oil in Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a kind of hepatic infection that has been brought about by a virus called hepatitis C. Under such conditions, the affected person may have a mild infection that can last a couple of weeks with the acute syndrome and may become severe, and become a chronic illness.

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Acute infection can occur within 6 months of getting exposure to the causative agent. About 75 to 85% of the people who are infected with this virus may develop a chronic illness that can lead to cirrhosis, liver damage, and cancer.

Benefits offered by CBD in Hepatitis C

The major benefits obtained from CBD in hepatitis C are due to the following properties of CBD:

  • Anti-inflammatory property
  • Acts as an analgesic
  • Reduces abdominal pain
  • Reduces joint pain

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  1. CBD can reduce liver damage

It has been observed that hepatitis C can bring about liver damage because of hepatic inflammation. In the beginning, such infection may be acute and may persist for a certain period of time without any serious damage. CBD has got the potential to reduce liver damage that is caused by hepatitis C infection.

  1. CBD relieves pain related to hepatitis C

As CBD can help in reducing inflammation, therefore it can help in treating the various pains that are associated with the infection of hepatitis C. CBD also has become quite popular in treating inflammation and it has proven to have analgesic properties.

  1. CBD counters fatigue

As you know that CBD can help in promoting wakefulness as well as can improve your mood, so it can help in reducing your fatigue that is usually experienced by any hepatitis C patient.

A study conducted in 2014 at Universidad Anáhuac Mayab showed that CBD can be a prospective wake-promoting agent.

  1. CBD relieves nausea

Since CBD can help in generating an anti-emetic response through the receptors of our ECS, hence it can always be used for treating nausea in patients suffering from hepatitis C.

A study conducted by the University of Calgary in 2015 stated that CBD may help for regulating nausea by moderating our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to create an anti-emetic response.

  1. CBD shows antiviral activity against HCV

As it has been seen that CBD exhibits antiviral activity particularly against HCV and can prevent the activating HSCs. Also, it can always be used for treating hepatitis C.

Finally, we can say that CBD offers many benefits to people who are suffering from hepatitis C. It can help to lower inflammatory liver damage and also halts the progression of cirrhosis. It can reduce abdominal pain and also pain in the small joints.

CBD can also help in countering fatigue by boosting energy levels and also by improving the mood. It can also exert an anti-emetic effect and can prevent problems related to nausea.

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